The Intrada Brass Ensemble

The Intrada Brass Ensemble is based in Lancashire, England, and was formed originally as a quartet in the 1970's, gradually developing into the 11-piece ensemble we have today. Intrada uses, for the most part, a 10-piece formation plus percussion, consisting of four trumpets, french horn, four trombones, tuba and percussion. This expanded brass quintet was developed in order to play a wider variety of music in concert situations than is possible with more conventional and smaller ensembles. The flexibility it gives to composers and arrangers, in terms of texture, colour, range and dynamic contrast, are considerable, especially when mutes and other instruments such as piccolo and D/Eb trumpets, flugel horn and a wide variety of percussion are skillfully wielded.

 The idea of a brass ensemble came to the world renowned trumpet player Philip Jones in 1965. At the time he was playing with the Royal Opera House Orchestra in London, and his idea was that a brass ensemble would be able to demonstrate the versatility and virtuosity of classical brass musicians unlike any other group where brass players were heard. Brass ensembles of this kind didn't exist at this time, and just as Philip Jones started from scratch with the concept, specific and original arrangements and new compositions had to be created. He formed the now legendary Philip Jones Brass Ensemble (now London Brass, since Philip's retirement) which many groups, including our own, have tried to emulate.

We carry out all sorts of engagements, from easy listening and wedding music, to full formal concerts. Some of these involve other performers, such as choirs, while others feature the variety of Intrada Brass Ensemble exclusively. Intrada is available in its full 11-piece formation, or smaller groups (quintet, for example) to provide that extra special accompaniment to wedding ceremonies. A considerable amount of our repertoire is arranged by members of the ensemble, which means that Intrada will always have something new for you to listen to, though we don't neglect any of your old favorites. We play a wide range of light music through to classical - definitely something for everyone!

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